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Innocenti Eccezionale Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Innocenti Eccezionale Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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Looking for a truly unique coffee experience? Look no further than Innocenti Silver Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

Our coffee beans are grown in the rich soils of Cabo San Lucas and carefully cultivated to bring out their unique flavor profile.

With notes of stonefruit and tropical sweetness, our coffee is unlike any other. It’s perfect for those who want to explore new flavor profiles without sacrificing balance and body. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a casual drinker, you’ll enjoy our Innocenti Silver Mexico coffee.

So come on over and try a cup today. We know you’ll love it!

Cup Profile

Innocenti Silver is a rich and intense coffee with notes of blueberry, bergamot and black tea. Strawberry and tropical fruit come through as it cools. The body is impressive.

Origin of the Mexican Cabo San Lucas Innocenti Silver Coffee Beans

These low acid, highland beans from Mexico are grown in the region of Motozintla, Chiapas at 1200 - 1500 meters. The coffee is sun-dried on each farm and then delivered to the mill/processing facility in Comitan.
Here, each producer then processes their own coffee in their own manually operated grinder and removes the dried pulp from the beans. The cooperative organizes 1,155 small coffee producers on a total area of 2241 hectares.
After final processing, the coffee goes to Veracruz for export. This distinctly mild and low-acid highland coffee convinces with its fruity, floral aroma and jasmine notes. A very balanced and harmonious espresso. So if you're looking for something different in your cup, give Innocenti Silver roasted coffee beans a try today!


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