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Kruve Sifter Base - Black

Kruve Sifter Base - Black

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The Kruve Sifter is a professional coffee strainer that can be used to improve the taste of your coffee.

The BASE set consists of a black Kruve sifter, 5 GRIND sieves.
300, 500, 800, 1100, 1400 µm. Perfect for espresso and a variety of alternative brewing methods. The set also includes Krove Brüller. When grinding coffee, it is important not only to grind according to the brewing method, but also to make the coffee particles as uniform as possible. Control the extraction and bring out the clean taste. With Kruve you can separate fines (particles that are too small) and debris (particles that are too large) for the perfect grind.

The main body consists of three aluminum parts and a wooden (bamboo) lid. Inside he has two levels of screens, the lower one for fines and the upper one for boulders. All parts fit perfectly and are made from high quality materials.

Usage is simple:
Put in screen, pour into grist and shake for 30-60 seconds. Fines fall to the bottom, rocks stay on the top screen, and the right size particles collect on the bottom screen. To clean the screen, simply rinse it with water.

Kruve can also be used for mill calibration. Manufacturers recommend using specific sieves for different brewing processes. After grinding, sift the coffee through a recommended sieve. The goal is to achieve 1.
1 Ratio of ceramics to rubble. If you have a lot of boulders, grind your coffee finer. If not, try coarse grinding.
Kruve Brewler Designed specifically for coffee lovers, his BREWLER is a handy stainless steel measuring tool that allows you to quickly read the size of your green and ground coffee. BREWLER finally places measurable numbers next to Fine, Medium and Coarse. No more guessing or referencing sea salt. BREWLER also includes a metric ruler up to 16 cm and a quick conversion chart for common brewing related conversions.


- Measure your grind - Grind size measurements from 200 - 1600um.
- Grade your green beans - Bean size measurements from 11 - 20/64".
- Convenient coffee conversions.
- 16cm ruler - great for measuring portafilter basket size.
- Fines scale allows you to calibrate your grinder more easily.
- Grade your green coffee beans.

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