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Discover the Different Ways to Make Delicious Coffee at Home 

For coffee lovers, there’s nothing quite like a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Whether you prefer it hot or cold, strong or sweet, the process of making your perfect cup is part of the joy. But what type of brewing equipment do you need in order to make that perfect cup? From French Press to Aeropress and Cold Brew Machines, there are a variety of different ways to make delicious coffee from the comfort of home. Let’s explore them! 

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A French press is one of the most popular tools used for brewing coffee at home.

It’s also one of the simplest — all you need is ground coffee and hot water!

Place your grounds into the pot, pour in your hot water and stir gently. Place the plunger on top and press down slowly until all grounds are submerged. Let it sit for 4-6 minutes before pressing down fully and pouring out your fresh cup of joe!

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Aeropress Coffee Machine

This tool is quickly becoming a favorite among coffee aficionados because it produces a smooth, full-bodied cup with very little effort required.

To use an Aeropress, first insert the filter into the aeropress chamber. Next add your desired amount of ground beans and pour in hot water (making sure not to fill it above the “Max” line). Stir gently for 10 seconds before inserting plunger halfway and leaving for 2 minutes. Finally press down fully until all liquid has passed through filter before discarding used grounds and enjoying your fresh cup!

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Cold Brew Machine

For those who prefer their brews cold as ice, look no further than a Cold Brew Machine!

This easy-to-use device simplifies the process by allowing you to make perfectly balanced cold brew in just 8 hours (or less!). Simply fill up your machine with coarsely ground beans, cold filtered water and leave overnight. In just 8 hours you’ll have freshly made cold brew ready to enjoy!

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