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Comandante - C40 MK4 Nitro Blade - Black

Comandante - C40 MK4 Nitro Blade - Black

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Discover the Commandante Coffee Grinder, the world’s top-tier grinder designed to help you brew a cup of coffee like a master barista.

Forget about noisy, cheaply-made grinders for your morning joe; made with premium materials and impressive engineering, the C40 MK4 Nitro Blade makes sure it’s always fresh and smooth every single time.

Brew your way with precision and control built into this amazing device. The unique shape and material of the engine frame adds to its capacity while making sure no beans get trapped inside. Featuring two accompanying jars—the brown glass one carries heavier beans while the clear polymer-glass is lightweight, strong, and can even double as a cup if necessary! Plus, improved packaging guarantees extra protection against possible damages during shipping or transport.

Introducing the Commandante Coffee Grinder – crafted with precision and dedicated research to bring the perfect cup of coffee! Our grinder offers ultra-fine grinds with a Burr, made from high-alloyed, nitrogen stainless steel and fine martensitic micro-crystal matrix. The oxidation process used during production leaves it both incredibly tough and corrosion-resistant for years of outstanding performance.

The Comandante click system gives you full control over your grind size for any brewing method – from espresso to French press. Grind consistently to get the maximum flavour out of your coffee beans and improve your coffee drinking experience each time. What’s more smooth evenness won’t put too much strain on your wrist as our unique design features reduced crank torque. Our grinder is a great choice for true coffee lovers!

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