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The Americas Blend │ Meixco / Guatemala

The Americas Blend │ Meixco / Guatemala

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Cup Profile

Flavor Profile:

"The Americas" coffee blend offers a captivating and harmonious cup experience that combines the flavors of caramel, almond, and red apple. This exceptional blend celebrates the diverse and rich coffee traditions of the Americas, inviting you to indulge in a delightful and well-rounded taste sensation.


The aroma of "The Americas" coffee blend is enticing and comforting, with the enticing scent of caramel filling the air. Subtle hints of toasted almond add a delightful nutty aroma, while the essence of fresh red apples contributes a bright and crisp note to the overall bouquet.


This coffee blend features a balanced acidity that adds a lively and refreshing quality to the cup. The acidity is subtle, reminiscent of the tartness found in ripe red apples, enhancing the overall flavor experience without overpowering the other elements.


"The Americas" coffee blend offers a medium-bodied experience, creating a smooth and velvety sensation on the palate. The balanced body provides a pleasing and satisfying mouthfeel, adding depth and richness to the cup.

Flavor Notes:

With each sip, the flavors of caramel, almond, and red apple harmoniously intertwine, creating a symphony of taste. The luscious sweetness of caramel takes the forefront, offering a rich and indulgent flavor that delights the senses. Subtle undertones of toasted almond provide a pleasant nutty undertone, adding depth and complexity to the blend. As the cup unfolds, the vibrant taste of red apples emerges, providing a refreshing and crisp finish that adds a touch of brightness to the overall profile.

The finish of "The Americas" coffee blend is smooth and satisfying, with the flavors of caramel, almond, and red apple gently lingering on the palate. The finish leaves a pleasant aftertaste that invites you to savor the experience.

Overall, "The Americas" coffee blend celebrates the diverse flavors and traditions of the Americas, combining the sweetness of caramel, the nuttiness of almonds, and the vibrancy of red apples. Indulge in this extraordinary blend and embrace the richness and craftsmanship of coffee cultures from across the Americas.

Experience the magic of "The Americas" in every sip, where caramel, almond, and red apple unite to create a truly exceptional coffee journey.


Introducing "The Americas" Coffee Blend

Step into a captivating coffee journey with "The Americas" blend, a remarkable fusion of flavors that unites the distinct qualities of two exceptional coffee origins. This unique blend combines the richness of 80% Mexico Finca Flamingo Arabica with the boldness of 20% Guatemala El Pacifico Robusta, resulting in a harmonious and unforgettable cup of coffee.

"The Americas" blend is a tribute to the diverse coffee heritage found across the continents, celebrating the flavors and craftsmanship of Mexico and Guatemala. It represents the union of two distinct terroirs, where each origin brings forth its unique characteristics, resulting in a blend that tantalizes the senses and embodies the essence of these coffee-growing regions.

At the heart of this blend lies the 80% Mexico Finca Flamingo Arabica, sourced from the fertile lands of Mexico's Jaltenango region in the State of Chiapas. Grown at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 meters, this organically cultivated Arabica is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the farmers. With its delicate flavors, this component adds a touch of elegance and finesse to the blend, captivating the palate with notes of chocolate, caramel, and a hint of floral undertones.

Complementing the Mexican Arabica is the 20% Guatemala El Pacifico Robusta, carefully selected from the captivating landscapes of Guatemala. Robusta beans, known for their strength and richness, lend depth and body to "The Americas" blend. The robusta component adds a bold, earthy quality to the cup, featuring hints of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and a satisfyingly lingering finish.

By expertly combining these two coffee origins, "The Americas" blend strikes a harmonious balance between smoothness and intensity. It offers a tantalizing cup experience that embraces the best of both worlds, showcasing the complexity of flavors and the extraordinary diversity found within the Americas.

Indulge in the symphony of flavors that "The Americas" blend offers, where the rich chocolate and caramel notes of Mexico Finca Flamingo Arabica harmonize with the robust and bold characteristics of Guatemala El Pacifico Robusta. With each sip, you embark on a sensory journey that transports you to the breathtaking coffee-growing regions of Mexico and Guatemala.

Experience the magic of "The Americas" blend, where two coffee origins unite to create an extraordinary fusion of taste and traditions. Embrace the richness, complexity, and cultural heritage of these remarkable coffee regions with every cup.

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