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Mexico Finca Flamingo

Mexico Finca Flamingo

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Cup Profile

Flavor Profile:

Finca Flamingo Coffee offers a captivating cup experience that combines the vibrant flavors of cherry, apple, ginger, and orange. With each sip, prepare to be delighted by the harmonious blend of fruity and spicy notes.


The aroma of Finca Flamingo Coffee is enchanting, with a tantalizing fusion of fresh cherries and juicy apples. The fragrant scent lingers in the air, accompanied by subtle hints of zesty ginger and bright citrus undertones from the orange.


This coffee showcases a lively and tangy acidity, reminiscent of biting into a crisp apple or savoring the tartness of a ripe cherry. The acidity adds a refreshing brightness to the cup, elevating the overall flavor experience.


Finca Flamingo Coffee possesses a medium body that coats the palate with a silky-smooth texture. The balanced body enhances the flavor profile, providing a satisfying and enjoyable mouthfeel.

Flavor Notes:

With each sip, the flavors of cherry, apple, ginger, and orange intertwine harmoniously. Juicy cherries offer a delightful sweetness, complemented by the vibrant and refreshing notes of freshly picked apples. Subtle hints of warming ginger add a pleasant spiciness, while the essence of zesty orange brightens the overall flavor profile, adding a citrusy twist to the cup.

The finish of Finca Flamingo Coffee is long and invigorating. The combination of fruity and spicy notes gently fades, leaving a lingering aftertaste that leaves a pleasant impression.

Overall, Finca Flamingo Coffee with its blend of cherry, apple, ginger, and orange flavors is a delightful and memorable experience. It embodies the essence of the Jaltenango region, capturing its unique character and the dedication of its farmers. Indulge in this remarkable blend and savor the artistry and passion that makes Finca Flamingo Coffee truly exceptional.


Step into a world of exceptional taste and unparalleled craftsmanship with Finca Flamingo Coffee. Grown in the fertile lands of Jaltenango, nestled in the captivating State of Chiapas in Southern Mexico, this coffee is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and dedication to excellence found in this renowned coffee-growing region.

Finca Flamingo takes its name from the majestic flamingos that grace the nearby landscapes, adding a touch of grace and elegance to the coffee's essence. From the moment the first seed is planted, to the careful harvesting and roasting process, this coffee is a labor of love, reflecting the passion and commitment of the farmers who cultivate it.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes and ideal microclimate of Jaltenango, Finca Flamingo thrives at altitudes that range between the perfect sweet spots of 1,200 and 1,500 meters. The unique combination of rich soil, gentle mountain breezes, and abundant sunlight infuses the coffee beans with their distinct character and exceptional flavor.

Handpicked with meticulous care, the coffee cherries undergo a traditional washing process to preserve their natural nuances. This time-honored technique, combined with the skillful expertise of the farmers, ensures that each batch of Finca Flamingo Coffee is a true reflection of the region's terroir.

The journey continues as the beans are sun-dried, capturing the essence of the sun-soaked landscapes and allowing the flavors to deepen and develop. Finally, the beans are expertly roasted, carefully bringing out the nuances and complexities that make Finca Flamingo Coffee an exquisite sensory experience.

By choosing Finca Flamingo Coffee, you embrace not only the remarkable flavors and aromas but also the vibrant cultural heritage of Southern Mexico. It is a tribute to the generations of farmers who have cultivated coffee with unwavering dedication, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in every cup.

Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey with Finca Flamingo Coffee, where the vibrant flavors, the captivating aromas, and the warm embrace of Mexican hospitality intertwine to create an extraordinary coffee experience. Savor the taste of Jaltenango and indulge in the passion and tradition that defines this remarkable blend.

Welcome to the world of Finca Flamingo Coffee from Jaltenango, Chiapas, where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship, heritage, and the enduring love for exceptional coffee.

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